Friday, November 26, 2010

Why signage? Make Black Friday Green!

So, why have a sign???  I am finding that not only do I have to educate people on why they should get a sign from me, I have to educate them on why they need a sign at all.  The biggest assumption I find is that signage is for identification and wayfinding.  As soon as you say marketing, business owners think radio, web, tv, banners, mail-outs, promotional items, van graphics, even hiring sign-holders on the corner.

However, the #1 most effective advertising and marketing tool -according to the Small Business administration - is your exterior sign.  So, all the travelers at 4am on Black Friday will be driving along, and where will they go?  Over 25% of them - according to a study by San Diego State University - will impulsively stop somewhere based on the sign.  And if it is illuminated that percentage jumps up 10%.  Where else can you get quality local advertising with those kind of results???

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