Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creative Mom Toys

I am quite the advocate of energy-efficient lighting.  The technological advances of LED lighting in the last 2-4 years has drastically improved in the sign industry.  The amount of brightness and energy-efficiency from LED lights is astonishing.  And they have improved, to where some brands can warranty them for 50,000 hours (about 5 years).

However, for some applications, there is NOTHING so beautiful as an open-faced neon sign.  The sign below which we just installed last week is a perfect example of such.

"TOYS" is 4 different color custom-formed neon tubing in painted open-faced channel letters.  The upper lettering of the sign is actually lit by white LED lighting housed in a cabinet behind the background.  The "CREATIVE" letters are 1/2" thick clear acrylic with purple vinyl on the first surface of the letters. "MOM" is white vinyl on an opaque green background on a raised 1/2" acrylic rectangle.

A great sign for a great place - - check it out at the Landing in Renton (off SR900)  - Cheri has made a very fun place to shop for both kids and moms, with neat toys galore, an entire playhouse inside, and a fun, exciting place to hang out.

I wish her the best of success with her first brick-and-mortar location!