Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working with our partners

I wanted to give some praise to Elite Commercial Contracting in Kent, WA.  They are working with us on an interior decor project, and their quality work on schedule was exactly what we needed for this project.  They are a cabinet shop, and they were able to laminate some of the sign backgrounds for us.  We special ordered 16' lengths of 3/4" MDF, and did a specialty millwork procedure called a pull-down route on our Gerber flatbed CNC router.  Elite came to our shop, picked up the custom cut pieces, and brought them back about a week later.  Timely, and very nice...

Shipping out a sign package

It's exciting when one of our exterior sign packages goes out the doors on its way to Louisville, Kentucky or somewhere else around the country!
I'm not sure exactly where this sign is going, but I know some restaurant in the MidWest is going to get a very attention-getting display!