Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marketing Display or neon sign?

There are lots of sign companies.  There are lots of graphic designers.  However, the rarity of on-premise exterior marketing displays is a testament to the artistic talent, craftsmanship, and experience that is required to create signage at this level:

To create a display, that is both artistically compelling, and yet has the raw marketing draw required for a local business - that is truly challenging and rewarding when done right.

That is what makes the difference between a branded experience and a sign.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

National Sign means we do signs in Sacramento, and Kansas City, and Denver, and Boulder, and...

I work for a local company here in the Pacific Northwest.  When I give someone my business card, and it says "National Sign Corporation", I explain to people that we are a family-owned company based in the Puget Sound region with a strong local presence.  However, we do ship signs all over the country, and I don't want to minimize the fact that we have been awarded nationally with both our award-winning designs and our complete sign projects.

Here are a few photos from a project in Roseville, CA.  When you have a beautifully designed shopping center, there needs to be signage that can both attract attention, and cohere to the aesthetics of the experience.

Lit dimensional letters, welcoming to a 'tavern in a shopping center' concept

A lighted facade integrated into an interior patio, with copy 

Night view - the facade becomes a lighted display!