Friday, September 17, 2010

The top ten Sales Books!

Okay, this is where I need your help!

What are the top ten sales books of all time?

Please comment - I am going to read and utilize all of them. I talked with a few customers today and realized how much I have to learn about sales.  Was I really listening to them? Was I giving them the benefits of what we were going to do for them?  Was I really answering their questions?  Was I overselling?

I have a lot to learn - as I want to be the best sign salesman in the world!

                     ---------- please comment the essential books for learning how to sell...


  1. Check out this list compiled by Derek Sivers. He gives good commentary on each one. Their not all sales specific but mostly relative to business and your mental mojo.

  2. Thank you. took a look at the list and they are all great. In the meantime, I have found a really great book call Masters of Sales - see my quotes in a more recent post...