Friday, June 27, 2014

How I Lost the Sale

A good friend of mine suggested I write a book called 'How I Lost the Sale'.  Maybe when I have a few decades of successfully serving my customers, I will.  It sure seems like a book that people would buy. So, here is a short blog version:

1) I knew more then the customer.
       Well, I thought I was the expert the customer called for answers!  What an idiotic idea.  The customer is the expert; that is how they earned the money to buy my product.

2) I interrupted with what I wanted to say.
       We all know listening is the secret of sales.  Knowing and actually listening are what separates great salespeople from people like me...

3) I only cared about my commission.
        Thinking short-term both in relationship to the client, and in relation to your own company is dumb.  Getting your fellow employees and boss unhappy with your projects is a sure fire way to lose sales.

4) I was late.
        There is no quicker way to discredit your integrity then to be slow to an appointment.

5) I didn't do what I said I would do when I said I would do it.

6) I didn't get help.
         Customers don't trust lone rangers.  They want a team.  A team approach gives customers assurance that your company will deliver, because it ain't just you being a hero.  They don't want a Hollywood star, because there is no such thing.  In the real world, it is amazing what can get accomplished when you don't care who gets the credit, at least Ronald Reagan thought so.

7) I wasn't an order-taker.
         I've heard some disparage order-taker salespeople.  That's exactly how to lose the sale.  When. I don't listen to a customer, I end up not having the opportunity to take their order.

8) I was trying to make a sale, instead of brining value to the customer.

9) I didn't want money.
          It's amazing that when I'm not really, really greedy, I end up being really selfish with my customers.  They would rather I want a lot.  They know that if I really want a lot of good things, it requires me to give a lot more of myself.

                 If you can help with any other ways I lost the sale, please comment below.  Thanks!

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