Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just Like New - the maintenance advantage

       One of our clients really values well-maintained signage and lighting at their 22 locations.  They understand that in their industry, signage is crucial to their sales.  Yes, they are a QSF(quick service food) franchisee; and yes, they get help from national ad campaigns.

       I had the opportunity to see one of their locations that was situated right next to a major interstate arterial, and it was hopping!  We had recently cleaned their signs, and replaced quite a few outages.  They were located next door to another huge franchisee in this part of the country, and the amount of difference in traffic was like night and day (no pun intended).  The competitor's store was dark, unclean, and generally looked dingy.  Our client's store was bright, spotless, and looked warm and inviting.  Not only was our client's store generating high volumes of drive-thru traffic; the well lit parking spaces were filled with customers.  It was fairly late - about 9:15pm - but the place was busy.

     We definitely can't take all the credit for this store's success, but it was sure a clear example of how well-maintained lighting and signage makes a difference in sales!

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