Friday, October 22, 2010

Masters of Sales

I have been reading a great book - called Masters of Sales. My favorite aspect of the book is that it is more of a compilation of 40 sales books, then it is one sales book.  Every section is 2-8 pages long written by a great sales author.  Below I've posted some of the highlights of what I've gleaned so far:

"The Abundant Sales Person" -

... they (the abundant sales person) believe they already have everything they need to make sales.  Not only is the proverbial glass half full --- it is overflowing! These people are inspired and pulled forward by an internal conviction that they are on a path that is right for them.They connect with success by visualizing a successfully closed sales transaction.  Abundant sales people are more than just positive thinkers; they attract customers like bees to honey.
... These people demonstrate self-confidence, but not as arrogance or in a manner that diminishes the people around them.  Customers feel built-up and improved after interacting with abundant salespeople.
... By contrast, a person holding a 'scarcity' attitude has a fundamental belief that there isn't enough to go around for everyone, so he thinks, "I have to get more than my fair share."
... Since they think in terms of lack, these people believe there is no sense in over-achieving because they very likely won't get their fair share.  Scarcity boxes us in.

"Million Dollar Sales Goal: Help Enough People" -

... Sales is a "helping" business, and a successful sales person loves helping people. "If you love to help people, you'll have a rewarding and productive sales career," he says.  If you don't, chances are you won't last long.  There's an old saying to sales, "Help enough people get what they want in life, and you'll get everything you want."

"Earning the Right to be Heard" -

... "Active listening" is like a bank account.  The more active listening deposits you make, the more sales withdrawls you get.  It works this way.  When you listen to your prospects - AND THEY KNOW IT - they will, in return, listen to what you have to say abour product or service.  This leads to more sales.
... When you demonstrate a genuine interest in the other's well-being, that person will want to give you business - and often go out of his way to do so.  This hard-won position of trust is developed over time and is started through being a good attentive listener.  Here's a list of things I've learned not to do:
  • Filtered Listening
  • Rehearsing your response
  • Interrupting
  • Self-Talk

If you find any good 'hits' from this book, please post them.  Again, it is amazing the wealth of valuable information, people are willing to share.

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