Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cleaning / Relamping - a cost-effective way to get a new image

Sometimes a simple sign / valance cleaning can do wonders for on-site marketing.  Without changing the look of your retail image(and all the accompanying critique), and without the expense of design, permitting, and fabrication,
 (breath)      a cleaning and relamping can really give a location a powerful upgrade.  It goes beyond maintenance to really enhancing the image of a location, and helping create those strong first impressions.

These last two weeks I have been temporarily on the job-site doing service / install work.  Here is a location that we have cleaned - You can see the before/after of the inside of the light band. 

The pictures below show the result - notice how the yellow pops!

We also repainted the yellow and touched up the black on this sign.  It looks brand new!

I haven't got a chance to take night shots yet, but I will once I am up in the Sea-Tac area at dark.

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